Fashion Art Review | Interview With Art Critic, Robert Pincus

In June, 2010, Bob Pincus activate himself in the centermost of a firestorm if the anew accustomed editor of the San Diego Union Tribune, Jeff Light, laid off 35 jobs – including his job as Art Analyzer and Books Editor. Immediately afterwards acquirements of this event, the San Diego art association rallied to Pincus’s ancillary with Facebook campaigns “We Want Bob’, to association forums at the Warwick Bookstore in La Jolla breadth a few hundred association aggregate with arts leaders, to blogs on the Huffington Post, online autograph in the LA Times and added – anybody calling to reinstate Bob Pincus to his art analyzer position. As Pincus put it “Its’ like I died, but didn’t”. Feeling afflicted at the access of affect and abutment from the San Diego association for his plight, Pincus put the accomplished abaft him. The San Diego Union Tribune would not budge from their decision. Hugh Davies, MCASD Director, commented:”For over 20 years, Robert Pincus has been a first-rate analyzer — fair, able and abreast — and he deserves abundant acclaim for the maturation of the art and building apple in San Diego. His abandonment from the cardboard is a huge accident to the beheld arts association here. Abutment from our city’s bi-weekly in the anatomy of advice but, added importantly, abreast criticism is basic to San Diego’s approaching advance and improvements as a active cultural destination.”Budget cuts abide to affliction the San Diego arts association as it does in abounding added cities about the U.S. In fact, for the accomplished year and a half, Pincus has been the Senior Grants and Art Biographer for MCASD – and in animosity of the actuality that he was able to win cogent grants for the building from the NEA and the Andy Warhol Foundation, and in animosity of the comments Hugh Davies made(above),he was afresh laid off from his position. It is difficult to abstracted the career of Robert Pincus from the anytime evolving changes of the art world, its institutions and challenges, and the accommodation makers aural it. It is enlightening, however, to complete the adventure – and attending to the aisle of Pincus’s activity and how his life-story acquired in San Diego.

To activate at the beginning, Robert Pincus was built-in in Connecticut and confused with his parents and sister to southern California if he was seven years old. His father, who was in the womens’ appearance and affairs industry confused the ancestors from San Diego to the Westwood breadth of Los Angeles if Pincus was 11, and that is breadth he spent the antithesis of his childhood. He commented that while his ancestors frequented arts and cultural events, he was not initially absorbed in beheld art – his affection was literature. A cocky declared ‘counter ability teenager’, who admired the balladry of Dylan Thomas and T.S. Eliot and the music of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, he began autograph poetry. At Cal State Northridge breadth he spent his aboriginal two years of college, an English instructor, Mrs Connelly recruited him to address for the school’s arcane annual and this began his autograph career. Addition English abecedary alien the abstraction of ‘voice’ in abstract by account acceptance out loud to the students. This added the ambit of the announced word, added capturing Pincus’s imagination.Pincus began as an English major, but was anon fatigued to interdisciplinary studies and if he transferred to the University of California Irvine for his endure two years of college, he afflicted his above to Comparative Cultures. Pincus activate himself absorbed by the Avant Garde as a cultural phenomena and acclaimed he was afflicted by Professor Dickran Tashjian, who was a bookish of Dada and Surrealism and he gravitated to both English and American abstract as well. He took classes about Conceptual Art and Duchamp and advisers beatific the acceptance to galleries in Los Angeles to address exhibition reviews. It was at this point that Pincus began autograph for the university newspaper. He aswell did book reviews and for two semesters, and was the accomplished arts editor – after acceptable the editor of the absolute paper. He commented that he never advised on traveling into journalism. He went on to accept a BA in Comparative Cultures with a focus on abstract and art history.Before continuing on to alum school, Pincus took one year ‘off’ and formed for a friend’s ancestors who were in the ‘seminar’ business. He helped adapt seminars, wrote brochures, and was a ‘jack of all trades’. He again abounding the University of Southern California, acceptance for a masters bulk in American Studies. He was offered a abounding scholarship and he accomplished apprentice writing. He focused his masters apriorism on Los Angeles and Art History and was decidedly absorbed in artisan Ed Kienholz – If he was a jailbait a ancestors acquaintance had taken him to see a above exhibition at the Los Angeles County Building of Art breadth he was originally alien to Kienholz’s work. Afterwards commutual his masters apriorism Pincus went on at USC to abstraction for a PhD in Philosophy with a absorption in Art History and English. He commented that he had no affairs to become a able art analyzer – however, one of his admiral Susan Larson, appropriate he address for Art Week and after for the LA Times breadth he became a freelance writer. He activate his articulation as an art biographer and wrote the analysis for artisan Mike Kelly’s aboriginal abandoned exhibition in Los Angeles. There he developed a appearance of autograph for newspapers, absorption on the accepted account audience. He connected to focus his studies on Nancy and Ed Kienholz and interviewed them abounding times over the years of his abstraction for a PhD. Looking appear the end of his affairs at USC, Pincus was cerebration about approaching job affairs and his acquaintance Christopher Knight told him about an accessible position at the San Diego Union Tribune.Pincus was offered the job as art analyzer for the Tribune and he confused to San Diego. There, he formed canicule at the cardboard and spent nights and weekends commutual his dissertation. Eventually, his argument took the anatomy of a book On A Scale That Competes With The World: The Art of Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz, (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990). During his twenty-five years at the Union Tribune, Pincus formed as Art Analyzer and Books Editor as able-bodied as accompanying autograph for Art in America and Art News magazines. He has aswell completed books and accounting dozens of art catalogues.

Now that he is no best alive for the Building of Abreast Art, Pincus affairs to abide teaching courses at the University of San Diego and do freelance art writing. The advance he teaches “Art Now: How to Think Critically About Art ” speaks to his continuing charge and angle about the accent that humans seek to accept art and accomplish it allotment of their circadian lives. If asked about his thoughts on art reviewing, Pincus explained that in reviewing, the analyst goes through an bookish process, allegorical themselves about the affectionate of art it is, with the ambition of “staking out a new point of appearance rather than just abacus addition baby bit of advice to an already accustomed physique of knowledge.” He went on to say that the analyst can accomplish abrogating comments, but that they have to be effective – and analytical but respectful.In his closing comments, Pincus bidding his acceptance that admitting there are signs of advance in the San Diego art arena of artists and galleries, that San Diego has about gone backwards in the bulk of analytical writing, reviews, and commentary. He believes that the added chat and analytical autograph there is about abreast art, there will be added absorption generated about art in general. And, that this autograph will animate added humans to go and see exhibitions.Robert Pincus lives in Del Mar with his wife Georgianna Manly who works for Planned Parenthood as a Nurse Practitioner and son who is in alum academy acceptance to be a fiction writer.