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Fashion Sunglasses Review | Fashion Art Review

For the elegant, adult and the glamorous, Gucci sunglasses cannot be beat. The Gucci GG1827S has an Elvis Presley ability with its egg-shaped bottoms. Feel like a rockstar with these glasses that will adumbrate the sun but not

Fashion Art Review | NYC Lifestyle – Fashion, Food And Fun!

If there is one affair the apple loves to ape, it is the NYC affairs – be it accompanying to appearance or sports or the hustle and bustle of appointment life, the New York spirit never ceases to

Fashion Art Review | What Makes Prada Handbags Works Of Art

In fashion, the absolute backpack is something that is essential, yet elusive. It should at already be a appearance statement, but not too blatant or garish, and absolutely not artlessly one of the season’s casual trends. Prada handbags

Fashion Art Review | Interview With Art Critic, Robert Pincus

In June, 2010, Bob Pincus activate himself in the centermost of a firestorm if the anew accustomed editor of the San Diego Union Tribune, Jeff Light, laid off 35 jobs – including his job as Art Analyzer and

Fashion Art Review | On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan – Book Review

This book is set at the alpha of a new decade, but no accustomed decade this. It is set in the aboriginal sixties and so abounding things are about to change forever. Hairstyles, fashion, art, film, music, architecture,